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Vaccinations have been proven as one of the easiest ways to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Vaccinations have saved millions of pets from diseases that can often have deadly consequences. There are several different options available depending on your pet’s needs and exposure. Your veterinarian can thoroughly explain what each of our recommended vaccinations cover.

How Vaccines Work
The purpose of vaccinations is to prepare a body’s immune system to fight diseases. This is the same situation for pets. Antigens are found in vaccines that can resemble disease-causing organisms to the immune system, but they will not actually cause the disease. The immune system is stimulated once a new vaccine is introduced. When the pet is exposed to the actual disease, their immune system will be prepared to fight the recognized disease or decrease the severity of the illness.

Canine vaccinations available include:

  • Rabies
  • DAPP (Distemper-Adenovirus Parainfluenza-Parvovirus)
  • Bordetella (Bordetella bronchiseptica)
  • Leptospirosis (Leptospira bacteria)
  • CIV (Canine Influenza Vaccine)

Feline vaccinations available include:

  • FVRCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calci- Panleukopenia Virus)
  • Rabies - Purevax
  • FeLV (Feline leukemia virus) - Purevax

Our veterinarians will help you determine which vaccines are appropriate for your dog or cat. Contact our team today at (858) 500-1466 to schedule an appointment and get your furry friend on a vaccination schedule!