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In-House Laboratory & Diagnostic Services
Our team knows how important a prompt and accurate diagnosis can be in the care of your pet. That's why we offer a full, in-house laboratory as well as digital X-ray. These tools allow us to provide the highest standard of medicine for your pet with a timely treatment plan. Some of the common tests we can run in our laboratory include: Blood diagnostic panels, Urinalysis, feline leukemia (FeLV), heartworm, parvovirus and pancreatitis rapid testing. Next day results for fecal evaluations are also available.

In addition, we utilize local reference laboratories for a comprehensive catalog of specialized diagnostic testing suited to your pet’s needs.

Furthermore, our veterinarians work closely with San Diego’s leading mobile radiologist, Dr. Jonathan Hayles and cardiologist, Dr. Bill Herndon who provide in-hospital cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds as well as radiology (x-ray) to provide your pet with the most comprehensive care.

You can rest assure your pet’s diagnostic needs are covered at Del Mar Veterinary’s Hospital!