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Cowboy, 4 years old

Supporting the human animal-bond by providing the highest quality of care. We will be by your side and theirs through every stage of life.

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Del Mar Veterinary Hospital


Our certified and experienced animal care professionals can assist with a wide range of procedures and services. We have experience with a range of breeds and temperaments, so you can trust your pet to our care with confidence. As well as offer expert advice on many pet-related topics.


We have a genuine passion for our work and strive to combine the very best in traditional medicine with alternative modalities and care. Every breed of animal is different, and every phase of your pet’s life comes with different health needs. We are committed to taking the time to create the ideal program for your pet so that all specific needs can be addressed.


All the doctors here have gone through extensive training and have a wealth of knowledge about different pet health issues to provide the highest level of care. Our doctors continue to seek continuing education opportunities to stay up to date on the latest ways to enhance and improve patient care they deliver.


We have the latest medical equipment, cutting-edge technology, and the most advanced diagnostic tools to help us find solutions for all your pet’s health problems. Our team continues to look at new technology platforms, equipment, and software to better adapt to patient/client needs, whether that is improved communication software or adding equipment to increase convenience and service offerings.

From routine and preventative care such as exams and vaccinations to disease management and emergency care, you can count on a high level of attentiveness and professionalism from your veterinarian in Del Mar, CA. We have experience with a range of breeds and temperaments, so you can entrust your pet to our care with confidence.

We also have a mission of educating clients about the best ways they can support their pets’ health on a daily basis.

Dr. Tsai

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet! The entire staff is committed to your pet’s ongoing health and well-being. Skill, compassion and a commitment to customer service are very important to us. From our most experienced staff to our newest team member, you can expect a high degree of attentiveness every step of the way.